DIS-PLAY is a virtual presence, a live piece of art, a platform and an artist collective that transforms organically. It brings together artists with international backgrounds to circulate ideas and unify their individual and independent approaches. Using environments as a context for art DIS-PLAY connects virtual with physical prospects beyond a physical representation and stages a merged image of different reality states by re-considering traditional techniques of exhibiting, curating, preserving and creating art. It’s flexible frame-up enables the re-exploration to visualize the often hidden power structures of global networks while making it accessible through the internet, through live streams and social media, through diverse devices, overall used screens in urban scenery and miscellaneous landscapes and places around the globe. All given fragments form an Occurrence by claiming the real as an encounter beyond existing limitations and hidden facts to create space for active thought as a hybrid of life, inspiration and art practice itself. In this parallel form, DIS-PLAY poses current questions about today's reality, in which the edges and boundaries of virtual, digital and physical space as well as private and public space seem to dissolve in a linkage of all. Therefore DIS-PLAY meditates on ideas of collectivity and togetherness with an emphasis on perspectives that have not historically been uplifted: from womxn, BIPOC, non-binary, trans, and queer writers, artists, and others. Each virtual appearance occurs physically at different venues across cultures, countries and time zones and brings together a wide array of artists and people to engage and rethink the actual.

DIS-PLAY was founded by Delia Jürgens in 2016 as a result of the previous digital exhibition projects urinvited.net (2012 - 2014) and حليب [halib.biz] (2014-2015). Besides public spaces around the globe, DIS-PLAY was institutionally exhibited at the Kunstverein Hannover (GER), the Städtische Galerie Hannover (GER), at the OtherPlacesArtFair Los Angeles (CA - USA), Billy Jacob Projects Hanover (GER), Moca Los Angeles (CA-USA), David Kordansky Gallery Los Angeles (CA-USA), Dong Xuan Center Berlin (GER), Ernst August Galerie Hannover (GER), at the University of Arts Braunschweig (GER), at bei_vier Cologne (GER), at the Gallery Weekend Berlin (GER), at Lapsus Timișoara (ROU), at Konnektor - Forum for the Arts in Hanover (GER) and Clages Gallery Cologne (GER).

DIS-PLAY denotes the negation of an automated playback dis (= not) - play (= play) and relates to Nordic mythology. Completely different than initially expected, DIS-PLAY is nothing to which something is depicted, represented or snapped, but rather the working or being of a 'Disen-Wesen', an unspecified, surreal female being herself.



DIS-PLAY is a follow up of the previous projects urinvited.net (2012 - 2014) and حليب [halib.biz] (2014-2015).

urinvited.net was a Reality TV-Series and life piece of art as a platform for streaming art in the midst between url and irl and was renamed حليب [halib.biz] in 2014 when the page was extended with functional representational panels such as 'Waiting Room', 'Artist Discount' - an Airbnb artist in residence program -, 'Traditional Overlapping', 'The Gardener' or 'Watching Cyberpunk' to further question corporate business presences and how they form, shape and manipulate contemporary identity.

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