Tarik Kentouche: Band 1 von X

'Band 1 von X' gives an overview about Tarik Kentouches exhibitions, interventions, performances and projects. 'Band 1 von X' shows the process of Kentouches work between November 2016 and December 2017 and is the first of the yearly outcoming 'Band X' series. Kentouche is searching for a formal and material aesthetic language to clarify the behavior of relations between artworks and human beings. In this process he uses significant places which are integrating into his art, developing progress and a way of feeling and seeing.

Texts/Adds: [in the solidified corpus of a text] COSMIC SKELETON by Delia Jürgens; Relationale Fragmente by Jan Gerngroß; Throatholder a Conversation between Tarik Kentouche and Jette Schmied

Los Angeles / Berlin 2017, 21 x 27,9 cm, 70 pages, 4-color DPP, perfect binding, texts in English and German
ISBN: 978-1985222342

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