DIS-PLAY is a virtual presence in the dimension of a web page that occurs temporarily as physical entity and communicator in public. It brings together artists with international backgrounds to bond and create digital content. DIS-PLAY focuses on the independent approach of artists, unifying their individual sights and specific awareness with heightened attention to an inner perspective; and subsequently present this merged image as an attitude towards the broader public. It can be seen as an online exhibition, a gallery or a piece of art that challenges and re-considers traditional techniques of exhibiting, curating and creating art.

Through its specific and flexible frame-up DIS-PLAY enables the re-exploration of a prospect as an action to visualize the subtle, the unseen and the unspoken while making it accessible through the overall used screens in urban scenery. Physical and virtual landscapes connect and create space for active thought and imagination.

DIS-PLAY promotes awareness by utilizing strategies of the internet and locating them throughout different environments. The ubiquitous format of the display finds a new way to directly address a diverse variety of people of all ages and genders, across national boundaries and class barriers, potentially appealing to a wide and diverse array of individuals and their imprints instead of only getting through to a small and centralized elite at a museum or a gallery. Considering modes of framing and discovery within the attitudes of an art practice DIS-PLAY considers modes as gestures that also deem the propels of art practice. Whether they be gestures as action or media or as a state of awareness tracking within the frame and beyond the frame.

DIS-PLAY is the activity or the being of a “Disen-Wesen”, an unspecified, surreal female being that indicates the negation of an automated spectacle: dis (= not) - play (=enact) and operates quite different from what is initially expected.

DIS-PLAY leaves the art product in its actual hybrid form, in which inspiration, artistic work, life and materialized form of thought interweave as an interactive, artistic discourse of practice rather than its portrayal, its representation, or even its archiving

DIS-PLAY has been exhibited at Städtische Galerie Hannover (GER), Kunstverein Hannover (GER), at the pub Bube in Leipzig (GER) and at TheOtherPlacesArtFair (OPAF) in Los Angeles (USA) and will be exhibited at Billy Jacob Projects in August this year.

It is created by Delia Jürgens, Tarik Kentouche and Jessica Dillon.

PRESS: hyperallergic | VoyageLA