DIS-PLAY is a virtual presence and live piece of art that occurs temporarily as a physical entity and communicator in public. It brings together artists with international backgrounds to circulate ideas and unify their individual and independent approaches and practices. Utilizing landscape as a context for art DIS-PLAY presents a merged image as an attitude towards the broader public and challenges or re-considers traditional techniques of exhibiting, curating, preserving and creating art.

Its flexible frame-up enables the re-exploration of a prospect as an action to visualize the subtle, the invisible, the unseen and the unspoken while making it accessible through the overall used screens in urban scenery and diverse landscapes around the globe. All given fragments and inner sights form an appearance of reality while claiming the real as an encounter beyond existing limitations of common boundaries and hidden facts. Physical and virtual landscapes connect and create space for active thought and imagination as a hybrid of life, inspiration and art practice itself.

Each virtual appearance occurs physically at a different venue across cultures, countries and time zones and brings together a wide array of artists and people to engage and rethink the actual. The locations are usually announced by private message.

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DIS-PLAY is the activity or the being of a “Disen-Wesen”, an unspecified, surreal female being that indicates the negation of an automated spectacle: dis (= not) - play (=enact), and operates quite different from what is initially expected. It leaves the art product in its actual hybrid form, in which inspiration, artistic work, life and materialized form of thought interweave as an interactive, artistic discourse of practice rather than its portrayal, its representation, or even its archiving.

DIS-PLAY has occured at Städtische Galerie Hannover (GER), Kunstverein Hannover (GER), at the pub Bube in Leipzig (GER), at TheOtherPlacesArtFair (OPAF) in Los Angeles (USA), and at the main station and Billy Jacob Projects in Hanover (GER).


DIS-PLAY is a follow up of the previous projects urinvited.net (2012 - 2014) and حليب [halib.biz] (2014-2015).

urinvited.net was a Reality TV-Series and life piece of art as a platform for streaming art in the midst between url and irl, which Delia Jürgens created together with Per Mertens and which they together renamed حليب [halib.biz] in 2014 when extending the page with functional representational panels such as 'Waiting Room', 'Artist Discount' - an Airbnb artist in residence program -, 'Traditional Overlapping', 'The Gardener' or 'Watching Cyberpunk'. Their aim was to further question corporate business presences and how they form, shape and manipulate contemporary identity.

It is created by Delia Jürgens and Tarik Kentouche.

PRESS: hyperallergic | VoyageLA