Karolina Lavergne: Blue Lace

Blue Lace by Karolina Lavergne documents an attempt to track the time surrounding the death of a grandparent. The text shifts from the current present of reflection, to the distant past of memories triggered by the interaction with objects, images, and spaces, and the memories of the death experience. Photographs are woven throughout the text creating a different register or time experience, like time stopping, arrested. Throughout are reflections on how one can be an artist, while splitting roles with being a mother, and what role health and stability play in this process.

As a way of working Karolina sources her life as material, blurring the line between fiction and autobiography. For this end, the camera provides a means of looking back at footage and photographs under the reexamination as a case study and realist portraiture. In her writing she works similarly, editing autobiographical, intuitive text, through cuts and arrangement towards a direct gesture.

With contributions by Jessica Dillon and throwingsunstars

Los Angeles / Berlin 2019, 8,5 x 6'', 118 pages, 4-color DPP, perfect binding, in English
ISBN: 978-3-9821051-1-6

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