Erik Arkadi Seth: On Postproduction

Erik Arkadi Seth's catalog On Postproduction gives an insight into the last six years of Erik Seth's practice. Starting with a short trip from the Narita Airport to Tokio on the first pages, it loosely showcases the following years with its different vehicles of movement and journeys. In the wake of conversion between the analog and the digital, photographs change by wear and tear, they loose their own gravity and transform by humanistic and technological memory. The catalog stages Nicolas Bourriaud's book “Postproduction” and literally puts it “on post-production" using the metaphor of a display. Flicking through the catalog's pages its movement can be seen as the different stages of a curtain being opened and closed while smudging the edges between these layers. Erik Arkadi Seth describes On Postproduction as a moment of occasion, a loose collection on the edge of naturalization and de-naturalization, ready to decay, a form he generally understands his works of art and why he chose a thin film of glue to physically hold it.

Texts/Adds: Intangible moment of distance that is so close to be touched that it almost fades (dissolves) . - like an x ray -, by Delia Jürgens

Los Angeles / Berlin 2019, 21 x 27,9 cm, 100 pages, 4-color DPP, perfect binding, texts in English
ISBN: 978-1-5136-4557-5

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