Delia Jürgens: Untrodden Areas

During her 9 months residency at the old German half-timbered landmarked house in an ancient landscape in Northern Germany, Delia Jürgens worked on questions about the ambiguity in the world of global today as an osmosis between online and offline realities of contemporary existence. She showed a double-faded fragmented image in physical as well as virtual touch of simulation and places a rethinking as a change of perspective in the center of her materializations. Pointing out questions about identity in the mirror of a global collective, she asks about interests of origins and sources in a reality created by surfaces. She creates a portrait of contemporary life in the discussion of consumption, mass production and textures of pretense and fake behind whose facade a true core can be find in its depth. -

ROT / RED* (Swimmer), Cover by Frances Scholz and Delia Jürgens, Perfect Rectangles by Jonny Coleman; ABC FOR DJ by Marcus Steinweg; Imbeciles Notebook, a Soundtrack by 4gotten Morb, Materializations, a Conversation between Delia Jürgens and Sabiha Keyif

Los Angeles / Berlin 2016,14,8 x 21cm, 100 pages, 4-color DPP, thread-stitching, texts in English
ISBN: 978-3-00-055715-6

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