Delia Jürgens: Nocturne in Daylight - in seven movements -

Nocturne in Daylight - in seven movements - is Delia Jürgens' first published volume of poetry that collects selected poems and essays of the past 9 years.

Jürgens reflects on consciousness and the sources of thinking that construct our automated behavioral structures which she tries to untie and deconstruct through the poetic analysis of systematic boundaries and patterns. She investigates the logic of wave movement in which each state of meaning is understood as transformational matter questioning fixed or manifested accumulations. Jürgens focuses on concrete questions that determine our existence in the construction of actuality and reality and shows how life extends beyond its own subjective limits by challenging the binaries we continually reconstruct between the Self and the Other. Rather than presenting a factual reality, she shows an illusion fabricated to conjure the realms of our imagination in a dense imagery that can be both - spatial and fictional - existing in the dependence of one another, dealing with the ambiguity of life in today’s world shaped by global economics and digital networks. Jürgens investigates those dynamics of landscape and the omnipresent lingering of a ‘corporate world’ to reference postcolonial theory where origins are interwoven but yet not always genetic. She expands language behind its own limits transforming and increasing meaning through sound and rhythm.

Los Angeles / Berlin 2021, 120 x 210 cm, 196 pages, black and white, perfect binding, in English
ISBN: 978-3-949444-01-2

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