What is a space that is not constituted by concrete components - buildings, environments or functions - but one that is created by the reading of actions? What is a space that is neither concretely inhabited nor constant over time, which always arises when people come together through forms of expression that precede the outlines of places? By this we mean manifestations of fugitive moments, that can dissolve or persist without necessarily being visible. In this space the singular can be disturbed by a de-centered driving force, by the plurality of its possibilities, by the arbitrariness of the principle.

The coming being is neither individual nor general, but arbitrary. Singular, but without identity. Certainly, but only in the empty space of the example. And yet neither general nor indifferent: on the contrary, it is such that it always concerns. It is the real object of love. Its logic: the paradox of set theory, the indistinguishability of a class from its elements, a thing from its description. Its ethics: only being one's own way of being, nothing but one's own possibility or potency, experiencing language as such. Its policy: to form a community without any condition or condition of belonging, the irrevocable departure from the state, the construction of a communicable body, the creation of a Dise. In that moment of the in between, of that glimpse of time.